What are AppliCats ?

AppliCats are bespoke sales tools for bespoke products.


In a store or on a web site selling combined products that have custom sizes, options, colors, technical constrains is difficult, time consuming and risky. Thus, sellers tend to prefer standard or simpler products to more sophisticated ranges that could better suit the customer’s needs and bring higher income to the merchant. Product Configurators and 3D planning software are the solution to that problem but there are two issues:

  1. developed specifically for one products range they are too expensive to create and to maintain,

  2. generic they can’t manage correctly all product specific features.

Consequently, they are not generalized and the distribution of bespoke products remain problematic.


AppliCATools is a platform to quickly and easily design 3D products configurators. We call them AppliCats.

There are three major differences between AppliCats and other products configurators:

  1. Continuous refreshing of 2D and/or 3D product views throughout the configuration process,

  2. Ability to mix standard “questions and answers” configuration and “drag and drop” configuration.

  3. Global management of products collections thanks to catalogs embedding products and configurators data.

Areas of use

Applicats can be developed in all areas where we need either to configure complex physical objects (with numerous options and variants, finishes, etc..) positioned in a area of individual objects (themselves potentially configurable) to get an interesting design functionally or aesthetically.

Being based on catalogs integrating 3D objects, Applicat applications are inherently 3D (3D product configurators, 3D layout applications).

Applicats can operate in different environments:

  1. As a standard Windows application,

  2. As a purely online application in a web browser,

  3. As an extension (plug-in) of an application architecture or layout (SketchUp, Insitu, KitchenDraw).