The Software

State-of-the-art Kitchen and Bathroom design software... Only 3 Euros Per hour
No initial investment, no annual maintenance fee,free e-mail support, online training, 20 hours of use free, ... and lots of free hours for intensive planners.

So easy to use!
Cabinets are placed using the "drag and drop" method, just as you would with paper patterns on a sheet of paper. Linear objects such as worktops, plinths, cornices or light pelmets are set up automatically.

Save time with KitchenDraw!
All the elements of the project file are set up in parallel (plan, elevations, 3D perspectives, estimate, etc.). Any modification made in one of them is automatically reflected in all the others. A complete project file takes between 15 minutes and 1 hour to draw up.

You can do everything with KitchenDraw!
You can easily create even complex room layouts (including for example rounded walls, beams, staircases, pillars, etc.) and freely arrange them thanks to KitchenDraw's powerful functions and to a variety of parametric objects available in catalogs. You can even create your own cabinetry catalogs, using our revolutionary Mobiscript software!

Produce professional documents with KitchenDraw!
With KitchenDraw, you can draw up complete and professional project files, giving you a decisive advantage over competitors! The technical documents produced with KitchenDraw are also invaluable when it comes to installation.

An ideal point of sales program for Cabinet Manufacturers...

Independence with no financial risk for you or your dealers:

  1. Create and update your own catalogues as you like,

  2. Distribute free KitchenDraw CD-ROMs to your dealers anywhere in the world (KitchenDraw is multilingual and manages both metric and imperial measurements),

  3. Receive your orders via e-mail and interface KitchenDraw with your existing production and ERP program thanks to the KitchenDraw SDK,

  4. Generate cutting lists and export them as .CSV files to be imported into your panel cutting optimization software.

  5. Develop extensions to KitchenDraw as well as wizards (complex object configurators) thanks to the KitchenDraw SDK.

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